This post walks you through the process of creating a Todo App for iOS and Android devices with React Native, Realm.

If you're new to React Native, Realm or CSS Flexbox, it'd be best to walk your way through:
Getting Started React Native
Getting Started Realm React Native
Layout with Flexbox

What you'll build

What you'll need

  • MacOS, Xcode
  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • React Native 0.28+


  • ES6
  • React Native
  • CSS Flexbox

Project structure

├── android
├── ios
├── src
│   ├── CheckBox.js
│   ├── ListViewItem.js
│   ├── ListView.js
│   ├── OmniBox.js
│   ├── TodoModel.js
│   ├── TodoService.js
│   └── Utils.js
├── index.ios.js
└── package.json

Project dependencies

Let's start

Init project

react-native init TodoApp  
cd TodoApp


We build some common functions

Realm React Native has not support auto-id yet. So we create guid to generate a unique id for data model (TodoModel).

Data Model

Local data persistence with Realm

Install Realm React Native

npm install realm --save  
react-native link

We wrap some built-in Realm functions in TodoService.js

Make a CheckBox

React Native does not have CheckBox, so we make one.

Install react-native-vector-icons

npm install react-native-vector-icons --save  
react-native link

onPress={this.props.onCheckBoxPressed}: when checkbox's clicked, the onCheckBoxPressed function of parent component 'd be called.


It's a TextInput, can search on typing or add a new Todo (if not existed) on pressing Return/Enter.

onChange={this.onChange}: handles Search.

onKeyPress={this.onKeyPress}: handles Add new a todo.

this.props.updateDataList(dataList);: the updateDataList function of parent component'd be called.


We'll build a ListView Item to show TodoModel

Sortable ListView

It shows Todo list. User can drag and drop a Todo item to sort.

Install react-native-sortable-listview

npm install react-native-sortable-listview --save

Final piece


react-native run-ios

Source code

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