This tutorial will walk you through the steps of building a full stack CRUD web app and RESTful APIs web services example with Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, MySQL, VueJS and Docker.

What you'll build

What you'll need

  • Docker CE 18+

Project structure

Project dependencies

Define JPA Entity, Repository and Service

Define REST API and Controller

Application Properties

FreeMarker/HTML View Template

Static Files

Run the application

Prepare Dockerfile for Java/Spring Boot application

Start your application and infrastructure via Docker Compose. Make sure your local Docker is running and your bash console is at the springboot-examples project root directory. JPA/Hibernate will construct MySQL database and table schema.

docker-compose -f docker-compose-fullstack.yaml up --renew-anon-volumes crud-mysql-vuejs

Access to localhost:8080 to enjoy the web app.

And that's it! Thanks for joining and have a happy coding. You can find the full source code as below

Source code